Branding and identity

There is nothing more important to a business than branding and identity. I love to craft and create brand styles based on the feel and emotion of the business, their values and what they need to say.

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I was delighted to work with the founders of Chamberlain Lane to develop their branding and identity guidelines.

This is a local business where two crafty mums repair and upscale old furniture.

They wanted their branding to be ‘cute and frilly’ with some cottage-core elements and a home-made appeal.

It was great working with these ladies to make their branding dreams come true.

This style guide is for corporate L&D staff, providing guidance for creating digital resources for their online Learning Management System.

I was engaged to develop this branding and corporate identity for an emerging fashion brand: Graphic Fox. The brand is fluid, modern and dynamic so I incorporated the smooth elements of line art with a cool hand-drawn font for the wordmark.

For over a decade, I have been heavily involved with the social club at my office.

I love to create fun and eye-catching posters, banners and assets for the events I plan to encourage people to come along and have some fun!

Funlabs is a fun and playful brand.

The branding and marketing materials I have created feature bright colours and bold fonts, simple messaging and an accessible vibe, for tech-savvy and paper-based customers alike!

eLearning style guide

To ensure consistency and corporate branding, I developed a comprehensive style guide for the creation of any corporate eLearning products. This ensured a professional feel and consistent approach to development, whilst still allowing space for creativity and educational innovation.

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