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Hi, i’m corey

Digital designer | Techie | Problem solver | Helper | Enthusiast

Hello friend!

This portfolio is a long long long list of my work, projects, hobbies, jobs and more. Each is unique, some are corporate, some are even embedded videos that you can watch right here!

In some instances, you can click the image and it will take you somewhere else to have a go at a course, listen, read or explore.

In others, you can click on the images, just for fun… but nothing will happen 🙂


Before we go any further, here are some of the applications I use every day.

I love designing trivia so much that I made a business out of it: funlabs Australia. I create interactive, interesting and engaging questions, multimedia and games and pull it together to form the ingredients for an epic, albeit trivial, trivia night 🙂 Keep on scrolling for more funlabs content!

Cool graphics! I drew these on my Kindle Scribe tablet and then used Adobe Illustrator to refine vectors and add colour.

I developed these super cool images in conjunction with an AI natural language model. I have mastered the art of writing the perfect prompt and these great images were exactly what I wanted. The future is now.

I created this video about the Victorian Homebuyers Fund to help people understand if they are eligible and what their obligations are. The simple narrative, along with bright and diverse character design, makes this video truly engaging.
I used Adobe products: Illustrator for the graphics, Audition for the audio, After Effects for the animations and Premiere Pro for the video production.

It was fun to create characters from different demographics and cultures to foster diversity and inclusion.

This bright and fun eLearning course introduces the learner to the basics of fashion design. Created using Adobe Captivate.

There are so many fun things to do

I created this immersive audio-visual experience as a deliverable for my Masters of Digital Media.

It examines the psychological connection between music, colours and emotions. I even composed the music.

This was built using Adobe Illustrator and Articulate Storyline.

In the Loop Podcast

I developed a weekly podcast to help staff members feel connected during COVID lockdowns. It was also a great opportunity to provide ongoing learning while working from home. I released over 20 weekly episodes during the height of COVID lockdowns.

Read more and check out an audio sample from one of my first episodes.

I designed these icons for a Women in IT conference in 2022.

I wanted to describe the different IT roles in the simplest possible way. The client loved the finished product.

funlabs is a fun and bright brand, can’t get enough of these gorgeous pastel patterns.

Another uni project, this time focussed on narrative design, along with learning experience.

I was approached to design a new album cover for Melbourne-based prog rock band Counting Silence. These are the concepts I presented to them. I loved this process and they were delighted with the end result (they went with the first one).

For over a decade, I have been heavily involved with the social club at my office.

I love to create fun and eye-catching posters, banners and assets for the events I plan to encourage people to come along and have some fun!

I created this video series to support customers during the 2024 Victorian Land Tax Assessment Issue Cycle. The intention was to create a series of videos to condense complex legislative concepts for the general public, in a calm and supportive style.

I worked solo on this project, writing scripts, conceptualising story boards, designing characters and graphics, recording and mastering audio and producing and publishing the completed videos. It was a mammoth effort in a tight time frame but has been worth the effort with over 10,000 people viewing the videos in the first two months.

To bring this project to life, I created bespoke characters, buildings and scenes.

This is a shot from a branching scenario I developed about complex trust structures. The narrative helps to engage the learner and challenges them to think about what they’ve learned and apply the information.

This is a very corporate eLearning course.

I was engaged to develop this branding and corporate identity for an emerging fashion brand: graphic fox. The brand is fluid, modern and dynamic so I incorporated the smooth elements of line art with a cool hand-drawn font for the wordmark.

This is a board game I am currently developing called Fortune’s Gate. The player deals a card onto each house on the board, revealing their fortune. Early playtests of this game have proven very entertaining and well-received.

This is a concept for a point-and click adventure game I designed as part of a uni course. Maybe someday I will design the whole game!

Some gorgeous printable planners, created using Adobe InDesign. You can never be too organised!

More cool art.

To ensure consistency and corporate branding, I developed a comprehensive style guide for creation of any corporate eLearning products. This ensured a professional feel and consistent approach to development, whilst still allowing space for creativity and educational innovation.

The home page for my funlabs quiz master guide. This is an interactive application that walks the trivia host through everything, from setting up their equipment to tallying scores.

And you know what’s up, some more cool drawings!

This was a fun little video to make. We had tried to reach staff on this topic before, without much success… so I decided to make an animated video to improve engagement and attention to the message of the video.

The video was a hit and we realised a return on investment of 240% more training requests, and more relevant training programs sought overall.

This style guide is for corporate L&D staff, providing guidance for creating digital resources for their online Learning Management System.

More more more!

In 2019, I hosted a roadshow of very successful sessions for first home buyers, in partnership with Commonwealth Bank.

I went and met people face to face, discussed their circumstances, answered their questions and helped them feel more confident in their mission to purchase their first home.

I ran 30 sessions all over Victoria, from Mildura to Sale, and engaged with over 1,200 potential first home buyers.

I created this gem whilst studying my Master of Digital Media. We had so much fun making it and I received top marks!

These are some examples of the web design for funlabs Australia. The approach is to provide a fun yet informative experience, with a firm call to action to encourage sales conversion.

This is one of many SharePoint sites I have built

I have developed so many comprehensive tax technical training packages, I wish I could show you all of them here. Unfortunately, the content is sensitive and I haven’t got permission to share.

Web design for a life coaching service

This is a much more corporate video production, showing a system demo for Duties Online.

Fun fact, the system wasn’t yet ready so this is a mock-up system I created as a replacement. Can’t even tell the difference!

Check out these ‘almost famous’ faces I made to engage with learners as part of a scenario-based training activity.

I was delighted to work with the founders of Chamberlain Lane to develop their branding and identity guidelines.

This is a local business where two crafty mums repair and upscale old furniture.

They wanted their branding to be ‘cute and frilly’ with some cottage-core elements and a home-made appeal.

It was great working with these ladies to make their branding dreams come true.

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