Fun and games

It’s in the name… fun is fun. I love playing and inventing all kinds of games

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FunLabs – Trivia

I love designing trivia so much that I made a business out of it: funlabs Australia. I create interactive, interesting and engaging questions, multimedia and games and pull it together to form the ingredients for an epic, albeit trivial, trivia night 🙂 Keep on scrolling for more funlabs content!

Fortune’s Gate – Board game

This is a board game I am currently developing called Fortune’s Gate. The player deals a card onto each house on the board, revealing their fortune. Early playtests of this game have proven very entertaining and well-received.

Home Time – Computer game

This is a concept for a point-and-click adventure game I designed as part of a uni course.

I really enjoyed considering the narrative, mechanics, gameplay and user experience.

Maybe someday I will design the whole game!


I created these fun little games for a baby shower and it went down so well… but surprisingly, they called their baby something else entirely.

What’s your baby’s name?

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