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I love media. It’s fun, it’s engaging and it’s a great way to get your message across.

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I have significant skill in taking complex concepts and breaking them down into fun and easy-to-understand videos. It’s a great way to reach people and keep them engaged. Select each image below to watch some videos I have made and read about my process

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Land tax on joint ownerships
Homebuyer fund
Sweet enough
Duties online transactions
Identifying training needs

Land tax on joint ownerships

I created this video series to support customers during the 2024 Victorian Land Tax Assessment Issue Cycle.

The intention was to create a series of videos to condense complex legislative concepts for the general public, in a calm and supportive style. I worked solo on this project, writing scripts, conceptualising story boards, designing characters and graphics, recording and mastering audio and producing and publishing the completed videos.

It was a mammoth effort in a tight time frame but has been worth the effort with over 10,000 people viewing the videos in the first two months.

Victorian homebuyer fund

I created this video about the Victorian Homebuyer Fund to help people understand if they are eligible and what their obligations are.

The simple narrative, along with bright and diverse character design, makes this video truly engaging. I used Adobe products: Illustrator for the graphics, Audition for the audio, After Effects for the animations and Premiere Pro for the video production.

It was fun to create characters from different demographics and cultures to foster diversity and inclusion.

Sweet enough

I created this gem whilst studying my Master of Digital Media. The brief was to create a video capturing a truly awkward moment.

We had so much fun making it and I received top marks!

Duties online transactions

This is a much more corporate video production, showing a system demo for Duties Online.

Fun fact, the system wasn’t yet ready so this is a mock-up system I created as a replacement. Can’t even tell the difference!

Identifying training needs

This was a fun little video to make. We had tried to reach staff on this topic before, without much success… so I decided to make an animated video to improve engagement and attention to the message of the video. The video was a hit and we realised a return on investment of 240% more training requests, and more relevant training programs sought overall.


I love singing, music and working with audio. Along with recording and editing all voiceovers for the above videos, I've also launched an internal corporate podcast, read more below!

In the Loop Podcast

I developed a weekly podcast to help staff members feel connected during COVID lockdowns. It was also a great opportunity to provide ongoing learning while working from home. I released over 20 weekly episodes during the height of COVID lockdowns.

Click the link to the right to hear a sample of the podcast.

Read on to discover my weekly podcast production process

Each week, I would plan the episode, including: topic, focus, content segments, interviews, and write additional content.

I would then contact contributors to negotiate their content for the week, Producing content every week can be tricky so I help out where I can  and I’m flexible with which segments go into each episode.

I used Adobe Audition to record my own segments, capture my team and business content and curate additional sounds and resources. Then I apply my audio mastering skills to edit and refine the clips and add additional production value and publish the episode.

I would load the completed episode to our content management platform, write a story for our internal website and create marketing materials, including posters and email copy.

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